Lorraine Cross

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Inspired by my Lorraine Cross necklace from my Blood Milk line, this perfume oil blend was created by hand by Elizabeth Barrial in Los Angeles of much beloved scent conjurers Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, exclusively for this project.

Steam-distilled Somalian myrrh with wild crafted rockrose, Moroccan rose absolute, and white sandalwood


-5ml perfume oil blend in an amber apothecary glass vial

-When not in use, store in a cool, dark place to maximize shelf life

-Original bottle label artwork by artist Aaron Horkey inspired by antique apothecary labels

-Each bottle purchased comes nested inside a keepsake box

-Keepsake box artwork by artist Aaron Horkey features a conjoining of the BPAL heart & three swords brand symbol with BloodMilk's planchette brand symbol 

-Keepsake box specially designed & engraved with metallic silver ink by local St. Paul company Studio on Fire

Review of Lorraine Cross via S. Elizabeth:

Sigil of St. Joan of Arc, infamous for her visions of god, and her bloody crusades as an armored warrior. Steam-distilled Somalian myrrh with wild crafted rockrose, Moroccan rose absolute, and white sandalwood. The woody warmth of the sandalwood in Lorraine Cross glows like a solemn halo, bright and golden where upon the first light strikes and delicately crumbling to milky powder where the shadows possess it. The blooming beauty of the rose is the earthy floral tether that twines around the heart of this scent, anchoring it to this world. Lorraine Cross is a scent both lofty and grounded, comprised of light and darkness and summons visions of dignity, noble intent, and pure hearts. I can totally imagine Brienne of Tarth wearing it.

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