Moth Wing Candle

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Crafted by hand by local Philadelphia artisan Three Ravens co, 'Moth Wing' evokes a tattered moth wing lost to time on a forest floor beneath a full moon.


Moth Wing: Pine needles, cedar wood, aged patchouli, white tea leaves. 


-Handmade in Philadelphia by Three Ravens co. 

-Limited Edition, only 65 ever made.

-10 oz of hand poured, 100% natural soy, harvested in the US

- Glossy black glass tumbler with black lid for preserving scent when not lit

- Double cotton wicks, lead free

-50+ hours of burn time. Recommend burn time: 1-3 hours

- Free from: Dyes, GMOs, Pesticides, Phthalates, Petroleum, & Cruelty

-Label artwork by artist Aaron Horkey, engraved in metallic ink at Studio On Fire, both MN based

- Listing includes one candle