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Inspired by my rattlesnake spine ring of the same name from my Blood Milk line, this perfume oil blend was created by hand by Elizabeth Barrial in Los Angeles of much beloved scent conjurers Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, exclusively for this project.

The desolation of the desert: white as bone, forbidding. Dry white sandalwood & sweetgrass, California white sage, and sand


-5ml perfume oil blend in an amber apothecary glass vial

-When not in use, store in a cool, dark place to maximize shelf life

-Original bottle label artwork by artist Aaron Horkey inspired by antique apothecary labels

-Each bottle purchased comes nested inside a keepsake box with artwork by artist Aaron Horkey features a conjoining of the BPAL heart & three swords brand symbol with BloodMilk's planchette brand symbol 

-Each keepsake box was specially designed & engraved with metallic silver ink by local St. Paul, MN company Studio on Fire


Review of Djed via S. Elizabeth:

Inspired by the talismanic rattlesnake spine ring of the same name from the BloodMilk line, and conjures a painful ceremony of transformation; intensely private, personal magics, rites of slithering through dust and grit and shadows and shedding one’s skin. Fiercely peppery upon first sniff, this is a bone-dry, nose-tickling experience that after time, morphs into a pleasantly herbaceous, aromatic sage that straddles the line between sweet and savory. Depending on time of day, temperature, body chemistry, and who knows what else, at this stage in its metamorphosis, it fluctuates between the honeyed haze of a ritualistic smudge and the astringent warmth of that essential herb in your granny’s Thanksgiving stuffing–and sometimes it is both at once.


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