Bibliomancy: Powdered Incense: Large Jar

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During the summers of 2016, I visited two shops, Sword & The Rose in San Francisco & Enchantments in NYC and fell in love with powdered incense. Although the incense in these shops is more geared towards meditation, devotion & ritual work, I sought out to create my own that was mainly scent oriented. I met with Christina of Three Ravens Co. and expressed my desires and encouraged her to conjure our own blends. She undertook the task and toiled away learning all the details and came back with an amazing powdered incense that can be used to enhance the scents cape of one's personal space, or for use in magical work. 
Bibliomancy is the sister to our previous scent 'Forgotten Library' and was inspired by the technique of using books as divinatory tools.
For more on this, Sarah Elizabeth wrote an interesting article, which you can find here.
Oils: Clary Sage, Cedar wood, Dust, Dirt, Vanilla
Raw Ingredients: White Sage Leaf, Ethiopian Frankincense, Hungarian Mugwort


-Handmade in Philadelphia by Three Ravens Co. 

-Limited Edition

-Burn within a heat safe dish or on a heat safe surface ( Such as our ceramic offering bowls )

-Self-igniting, these do not need to be sprinkled over charcoal tabs but can be lit with a match or lighter and then *carefully* blown out to produce scented smoke ( unlike other powdered incenses, these need to be blown out after a significant flame is achieved. ) 

-For larger plumes of smoke, a charcoal tab can be used. Sprinkle liberally over a heated charcoal tab in a heat safe dish or on a heat safe surface.

-Use a small spoon to remove incense & pinch together on surface making a cone shape for more throughout burning.

-Presented in a glass jar with sealing lid to keep the scent fresh.

-Label artwork by artist Aaron Horkey, engraved in metallic ink at Studio On Fire, both Minneapolis based

-Listing includes one 8 oz jar of powdered incense

review via S. Elizabeth:

One can foretell the future through cards, clouds, drops of mercury, even a pile of steaming entrails–why not, too, the words from a book, chosen at random from your personal library? Unlit, the astringent sage-cedar combination in this powder effuses a nose-sniffing, throat clearing, “ahem, ahem!” clarity–you have flipped haphazardly to a page you’ve chosen by chance, but its message for you is keenly focused and anything but arbitrary; fate knows what it wants to say, it has chosen its words carefully, and it will brook no misunderstanding. Bibliomancy, smoldering  and smoking, however, tells a different story. It has second, and maybe third thoughts, and its meaning is muddled. It wants you to make a plate of caramel-bottomed sugar cookies. It insists that you lay on the cool earth of your unfinished basement floor on a warm, woozy summer midnight and play an unutterably beautiful Mazzy Star album. It demands you bury your nose in a manky old paper back in the dim-lit corner of a used bookshop on a rainy afternoon and try, try again.